Computer Games

Computer games are the best enjoyment source for all the age of persons. These sometime also known personal computer games because of playing it on personal computers. I f you have a basic computer structure than you can enjoy games on your computer using your keyboard mouse and sometime also can use game pad or joystick. Video output can be observe on monitor screen and also can enjoy the background music if you have attached speaker with your computer.
Basically these types of games have two types. One is offline, In which you can enjoy the game without using internet. This type is approximately have bound in America and Europe but in third world countries these games are famous. The other one is online in which you need an internet connection for playing a game. This type is lot more famous now a days in America. You can compete online with other available game player or you can create a team with other online game player and play against another team.
After the complete introduction of computer lets talk about some famous game companies that create these games for us. First we will talk about Nintendo, did you ever play any of Taken version? Are you a fan of Taken? If yes than you should be thankful of this company who create this game. Let me say you that if you enjoy the new generations of games than it is because of this company. Some of its other famous games are Super Mario and its all versions and also The Legend of Zelda.
The next company which is my favorite one is EA sports. If you love to play sports games football, cricket than you are also fan of this company like me. This company lead the level of sports game far high. When I was playing FIFA 2015 soccer game I feel like its not a game its all real and I am the manager of Real Madrid and give instructions to the player. Some of its other famous games are battlefield and its version, the SIMS and its version and need for speed.
Did you ever play Virtual Cop 2. You surely play this game. This was Sega Genesis production. Sega is also a big name in the game production field. It also creates many game which makes your childhood so happy. For example if I talk about Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Phantasy Star IV, Streets of Rage 2 and Snatcher .
The last one I will discuss about Rock Star. Did you ever play Grand Theft Auto. I spent my all childhood playing this games. I was die fan of this game. Some of famous game this company are Max Payne, Read Dead Redemption and Agent as well.
Now in last lets talk about top ten computer games of falling season. Here is the list of of top ten computer games in 2015.
1.Kerbal Space Program
2.The Switcher 3
3.Battlefield 3
4.Counter strike Global Offensive
5.Dragon Age
6.Age of Empire 2
7.Grand Theft Auto 5
8.Company of Heroes
9.Doom 2
10.Dota 2